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A Ferreters Fable is exactly that, Simon’s story. A limited edition print that once they are gone, they are gone forever. This body of work will not be re-printed. A hard back, 232 pages full of insights, stories and hard earned knowledge from my forty years of rabbiting. To compliment this, it includes 135 of the best photographs ever produced on this subject.

This book is a brutally honest account of his life that is not so much a sneaky peak behind the curtain to who Simon Whitehead really is, but Simon rips that curtain down to reveal his life and lifestyle like never before.

Addressing the room with the elephant in it, Simon recalls his life around the ferret, dog, and rabbiting world, and in an age where everything has been well documented, what this refreshing narrative isn’t is a how to guide. ‘A Ferreters Fable is an insight into a lifetime of rabbiting where in over the forty years that he has been ferreting, Simon has seen, experienced, and predicted many changes so his actions, views or opinions have been backed up with the experience of either success or failure.

The ferreting vernacular has been translated so everyone who reads this story, will not only understand why he does what he does, but if they do so wish, could also emulate what he has achieved on his journey to his current standing in the rabbiting and media world. The prime example of when opportunity meets preparation, determination and graft.

To order please use the ‘buy it now‘ button below. This is a limited edition print run and once they are gone, they are gone forever.

I will not be doing a re-print.

All copies will be numbered and signed by myself.

All non UK enquires please mail me.

Pugs and Drummers – A Ferreter’s Fable

Simon Whitehead’s New Book



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